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‚ÄčHow do you think an orchestra will sound without a conductor?
Regardless of the payment method, there are many factors that may influence the access to the best offer.

A transaction, most often involves a number of individuals / institutions, each with its important role in the development of the acquisition / lease: owner, buyer/tenant, public notary, Bank, City Hall, Land Registry Office, assessor, energy audit.

Here comes the role of a professional real estate consultant - being able to mediate the parties involved in a transaction. Indeed, this will be handy because besides experience, he also needs a complex set of knowledge, including procedural ones, regarding buildings' type, market prices, banking, financial and legal aspects.

Real Estate Consulting
One of the classic 'mistakes' we constantly find is that every client tries to seek an offer before choosing a consultant.
The client is in a permanent "run" after the offer. The big challenge - trying to find the property desired at the right cost..
Real estate market is complicated both by the large number of offers to compare, and its constant motion and transformation.
All properties are unique in their own way. There are no identical properties, as there are no identical real estate transactions.
It is therefore necessary to work closely with a real estate consultant. Professional. Looking for a client willing to share the criteria underlying the decision of purchase / lease or any factors that may influence his decision.
So they can promptly provide the right property at the right time.
Therefore, to increase your chances, we recommend that you first choose a consultant, better yet, an agency. Portrait of the ideal consultant: to have experience, to have a complete offer, to inspire confidence, to show availability.

Legal Advice

Each client starts with the idea of making the best choice.
Instead, usually, the "right" demand involves different legal implications.

There are various situations in which a property is encumbered by several assignments, like mortgages, debt to the Tenants Association, recovery and security enforcement, banking litigations, due diligence. It's easy to say "It's not my problem but the owner's to solve, and then I will buy the property ...".

Usually this approach will not lead to a settlement. This will lead to problems of knowledge and appropriate legal framework, cash problems and reliability.

A professional real estate consultant will find solutions where others say “ IT CAN'T BE DONE”.
Our experience, working with famous public notary, lawyers specialized in the real estate segment, bank consultants, allows us to pretend that we are those professional consultants to seek and find appropriate solution.

Banking and financial consulting

Approval of a mortgage is based on two essential components: financial analysis of the client's income and legal analysis of the provisions of acquisition of the property to be purchased.

Searching for a mortgage solution before searching the right property saves you from wasting time and energy trying to acquire one you may not afford (many banks already offer pre-approved financial solution).

Finding a desired property at the right price is not an easy work to do. Losing an offer can cost you time and money. Loan Inspectors hesitation to ensure your financing are based on either incompetence or inexperience.

We can guide you to the right credit counselor, regardless of the chosen bank, for a constructive advice from them.

From our view, we consciously assume responsibility for our service - both on the legal or any other issues involved: assessment, bank lending market history, willingness to fund real estate acquisition, experience of various loan officers.