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Presentation | Real Estate Timisoara

Established in 2004 as a result of identifying a real need for improvement in real estate consulting services, we have gained since then, a top position in Timisoara's real estate landscape.

Focused on customer's needs, we offer innovative and customized solutions, differentiating us from the competition. We take sincere commitment towards all customers to work professionally at high standards.

We make ensure that every decision made by our client is based on a complete information package from our consultants on all areas, directly or indirectly involved: real estate, banking, financial, legal.

We exist to invest and to build value! We are a professional, enthusiastic and motivated team.

We respect the market and its actors, but the most important competitor is ourselves, our own development being a constant concern. A company is based on its people. Each of our consultants is a teammate, contributing to our success. Both individually or as a team, we focus on achieving excellence in everything we do.

We are the proper choice, whether you are a novice in buying or selling a property or you are an experienced investor looking to magnify your horizons, looking forward building a customized solution for your needs.

The success of a business is built on a firm handshake.

What differentiates us?

With more than nine years in this field, we have won a leading position in Timisoara's real estate. We highlight your advantages by choosing CORRECT, choosing CORALES.

What differentiates us?

- We have the EXPERIENCE, even as a young team.

- INFORMATION matters: COMPLETE and QUALITATIVE, regardless of time or demand.

- We do things "DIFFERENTLY" in a positive way.

- Real COORDINATORS of all those involved in the transaction. From beginning to the end.

- CAPABLE of handling any situation, including legal, financial and banking areas.

- Complete INFORMATION of all transaction's implications.

- WE find solutions where others say "IT CAN'T BE DONE".