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Owner's Guide

Seller Definition: an Owner motivated to sell. 

There are several types of real estate owners selling their property. Some would sell the house or land if someone would give them a certain price. Others strongly believes that their property “does not require a meal”, so they do not hurry, nor have a clear timeline. In any of these situations, they are just testing the market.

These owners will becomein time, sellers. Sellers are owners who have a strong motivation, driven by a concrete need, clearly defined either by personal or financial comfort.


An owners' objective is to sell / rent:

  • at best price
  • with less efforts

  • with less costs

  • in the near future


To achieve these objectives, the owner must:

- choose carefully the real estate consultant to sell / rent

- evaluate the property right

- know exactly his costs as a property owner

- present all documents required for the transaction up to date.

- have a firm plan for sale / rent (trading scope clearly defined).

A few recommendations:

- You will be prepared to work with a real estate consultant if you know what to expect from and what he expects from you
- Choose  an agency / consultant specialized in your type of transaction
- Choose a major agency, with a relevant number of consultants dedicated to your segment- you will have access to a wider range of clients (by simply promoting the property that you own you get only part of potential customers) and not least, the sale process will not be affected by possible delays due to busy periods of a consultant
- When trying to set the right price for your property, you need to be emotionally detached and see it through the eyes of a buyer
- There is only one price for your property - “market price”, i.e. the correct ratio between current offer and demand in the market