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“About 90-92% of the entire volume of an iceberg is underwater. As such, the shape of submerged portion can hardly be estimated only by seeing the visible part above water. Not coincidentally, this has led to the phrase "the seen (or unseen) part of the iceberg" designating a problem whose implications are more complex than it appears.”
                                                                                                                        source Wikipedia
The seen part
The simple presentation of a building, a few phone calls and some rides really justifies paying a commission that can represent buyers' entire income of the last months? As for our agency, the answer to this "dilemma" can be easily assimilated with the seen (or unseen) part of the iceberg”, at least in terms of number of deals managed.

The scope
We welcome you, exposing the fact that the only offer presented can be the work of a whole team dedication, in fact, a single purpose: to put at customers' disposal, regardless of requests, the best deals available on the market, that meets his requirements.

The unseen part
By this, the offer chosen is a direct consequence of dozens and hundreds of hours spent on:
- Detail / phone registration of all the offers promoted
 by the owners through all media channels, newspapers or websites;
Live registration (to confirm data submitted via phone, photos, advising owners on the market trend);
Constantly updating all offers in the market – most often the right choice is not the most recent offer appeared on the market, if the owner's claim delay to align to market realities;
Selecting the most relevant offers to promote them, for client to have easy access to relevant information.

Achievements and goals
The consequence?
Relating only to the residential market sales for apartments, our database contains over 2.000 active offers, detailed, constantly updated, with a monthly average of 200 new offers posted.

An essential aspect that labels our work is not claiming we do "everything", while in fact we do nothing.

Our goal is to be able to provide the best deals to our clients, whether he aimed the residential or commercial, buying or renting an apartment, a house or a business dedicated space.

Important decisions should not be influenced by chance or luck.

Such work requires a proper team correctly aligned with existing offers in the market, namely the level of demand, and a series of investments to provide high dispatch: according to our statistics, only one in ten offers has the right price, being subject to a transaction in the near future.