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Careers | Real Estate Timisoara

We have the recipe to make you a successful consultant:

- Best professional training on the market
- Effective sales and marketing plans
- Access to all company's resources

- A dedicated team to ensure ongoing support.

Join our team to develop yourself personally:
- Gain experience in areas directly or indirectly involved: Real Estate (sales & marketing), finance and banking, legal
- Knowing the benefits of teamwork, connecting to a common goal
- Various possibilities of promotion
-  Becoming: more organized, more communicative, more confident in yourself.
Job Description
The job of a real estate consultant working in our company involves a set of complex tasks, listed below, but not limited to:
- Detailed knowledge of sales rules, following new offers and the evolution of current ones
- Promoting relevant offers in written publications and online media profile
- Identifying potential new customers via telephone or direct contact
- Identifying customer needs and advising them
- Sending relevant offers to the clients and visit appointments made in advance

- Advising clients with arguments based on our activity to obtain their agreement to purchase a building
- Collect and verify documents for signing a contract
- iDrawing up contracts, addendum, appendix, signing them as a representative of the company
- Representing clients to the institutions involved in performing a transaction: City Hall, Banks, Public Notary, Land Register and Cadastre Office.

What do we want from you?
First we want you to answer YES or NO to a few simple questions:
- Do you like to communicate with people around you?
- What about them? Do they like communicating with you?
- Average computer skills? (Internet, E-mail, Word, Excel)
- Do you have a B driving license?
- When you want to obtain something difficult to achieve, do you succeed?
- Once you manage to obtain that "something", do you want more?
- After a success, do you say "There is no luck, only the one you create"?
- After a failure, instead of seeking justification, do you seek victory next time?
- After you have done something wrong, do you admit your mistake even if nobody will notice it?
- While speaking to someone with different opinions than yours, instead of concentrating only on your arguments, do you try to put yourself in his shoes?

If you answered YES to all the above questions, you can move on.
If the answer to at least one of the questions is "NO", press "Back" button on your browser ... chances are you could not fit. Good Luck!

Offer (bonuses, benefits)

In addition training-ul to specialized training, servicecarand professionalwork environment, you will benefit from a motivating salary package (including fixed salary) discussed during the interview.

Send your resume at Thank you for your interest.
Corales team.