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Buyer's Guide

You've decided to purchase a property.

Do you know what you want?
First you need to keep in mind the need that led to this decision: an extra comfort, a bigger family, a different area/city to live (closer to your new office, an area with several facilities - schools, shops, sport centers)?

You need to sort your selection criteria based on your priorities. Price, size, partitioning, location, facilities, land. The question is not about finding the ideal property (one that meets all your search criteria), but at what price? If you can't find your desired property within the budget you have available, prioritizing is capital to save time and money in procurement process.

What's your budget?
The amount needed to purchase the house is cash or a bank loan? It is very important from the beginning to know exactly the amount you rely on, even if you will be tempted to save as much as possible from the available budget.

We recommend you to know from the beginning the exact maximum budget you have available. You can find a property over your budget, witch will worth your money thanks to a better location or due to it's design.

How can you find your desired property?

It should be easy.
Consulting ads in the newspapers or on the internet. And yet ... at least partial information are outdated or false, either by landowners or brokers ... and finally, when you get to watch the property, you notice that the owner is not actually decided to sell, is restricted by various financial or legal matters related to his property, or already has a client very interested.

You have just entered the maze: a maze of owners, brokers, potential buyers, a maze of steps you have to go through, a maze of legal aspects and costs. You need an exit point. In most cases, the solution you find easy at first turns out not to be the most suitable for you.

You ask yourself: "I'm hurt! Do I treat myself or consult a doctor? A certain one or a specialist? Is there a guarantee that it will pass?"
"I have a legal problem! I represent myself in court or appeal to a lawyer? A famous one or a randomly chosen one?"

The answer: depends on how badly it hurts or how important is your legal staff.
For capital decisions you need specialized advice. And the decision of purchasing a home is one of those capital decisions, maybe THE ONE for you can not afford to make mistakes.

We can be your specialist in this real estate maze.
With more than nine years in this field, we have won a leading position in Timisoara's real estate. We highlight your advantages by choosing CORRECT, choosing CORALES.

What differentiates us?

- We have the EXPERIENCE, even as a young team.

- INFORMATION matters: COMPLETE and QUALITATIVE, regardless of time or demand.

- We do things "DIFFERENTLY" in a positive way.

- Real COORDINATORS of all those involved in the transaction. From beginning to the end.

- CAPABLE of handling any situation, including legal, financial and banking areas.

- Complete INFORMATION of all transaction's implications.

- WE find solutions where others say "IT CAN'T BE DONE".

You can convince yourself more by consulting our pages "Services" and "Complete Data Base" on our website.